Burnin' The Mortgage Tonight Title

Can you imagine, you and me livin',
The same place for twenty-five years,
We've had our fair share of bad breaks and heartaches,
But somehow we've always been able to smile through the fears,
We stuck to our plan through the hard work and hard times,
And surely as day follows night,
Rivers of trouble feed pastures of plenty,
And we're burnin' the mortgage tonight,

We're burnin' the mortgage tonight,
We've finished the race and the prize is in sight,
After all of these years something finally went right,
We're burnin' the mortgage tonight,
We're burhin' the mortgage tonight.

Well it isn't a mansion on top of a hill,
Like you'd see in some slick magazine,
But the paint isn't peelin', and the roof doesn't leak,
And the garden's the prettiest garden that you've ever seen.
Honeysuckle's in bloom and the mockingbird's singin'
His song in the sweet golden light,
The most beautiful thing is the fact that it's paid for,
We're burnin' the mortgage tonight.

Remember the year that the pipes all froze up in December,
And money was short and the paychecks were too far apart.
LIke the days were too dark to be lit by the joy of the season,
But we kept the spirit of Christmas right here in our heart

So I'll spend all the rest of my days makin' music,
And just hangin' out here with you,
'Cause the kids are all grown and the bills are all paid, and
The smile that you give me each morning will always be new.
I never believed in a heaven on earth,
But give me a kiss and I might,
And pop me a cork on a bottle of bubbly,
We're burning the mortgage tonight.


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