SomeFolks Title

Some folks know they gonna rule the world,
Some folks never even try,
Some folks happy just to sit and sing,
And they don't care why,
Some folks searchin' for the shinin' light,
Some folks satisfied with wealth,
Some folks know they gotta search their soul,
It's the only way to find theirself.

The Lord leads us into battle, and
He assures us that we will win,
The Lord says we shall overcome,
But he don't say when.

Some folks dream about a brighter day, babe,
Some just want a faster car,
Me, I'm dreamin' 'bout you and me,
It's a miracle we've made it this far,
Some folks worry that the world may end,
Some just worry 'bout their health,
Me, I'm worried 'bout losin' you,
Just from bein' myself.


One day all of this trouble,
Is naturally gonna end,
We're all searchin' for somethin'
To keep us motivated until then.

Some folks find a way to live their life,
Some folks get a lucky break,
Some folks happy just to get along,
With a little bit of give and take,
Some folks promise you a brand new deal,
Some offer the moon and stars,
Me, the only thing I promiseyou,
Is to be wherever you are.
Me, the only thing I promise you,
Is to be with you wherever you are.

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